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Welcome. This site contains a gallery with samples of my digital and print designs, notes on some old projects, and even a few experiments, such as “One A Day.” You can also find out a bit about who I am, what I do, and what I bring to a project. If you use them, the site map provides navigation access keys.

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Global Knowledge | Media

Back when building all-Flash® websites was the rage, I was tasked to build this one. It is NOT very accessible, but I include it here for the interesting animation and graphics. Fortunately, there are now better, more accessible ways to build “flashy” sites. Note: email, download, and demo links won’t work.

…there really isn’t a difference

between fiction and nonfiction,

because all stories are manufactured.

But there is a difference

between authenticity and propaganda.

They are enemies.

And that is a war that is worth fighting.

—Dean Terry, Dallas Video Festival 18

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